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Jacqueline Myles and Myles2Go Fitness


Are you ready to get fit?  Have you been putting it off, but know that you have to do something to get/stay in shape?  If so, Jacqueline Myles and Myles2Go Fitness may be your answer!


Owned and operated by Jacqueline (Jackie) Myles, Myles2Go Fitness has as its mission to provide the tools, knowledge and support to people seeking a healthier lifestyle.  Jackie serves the Wichita community and military members of McConnell AFB. She also provides “virtual” training and resources to clients and groups in various states.  Myles2Go supports wellness through one on one training, group training and online support.


Jackie has also created a clothing line “Under Construction”, meant to allow people to show the world that they are empowering themselves through mental, physical and spiritual self-improvement.


Jackie has been an aerobics instructor, personal trainer and Fitness Coach for over 15 years and is passionate about providing resources and training to improve health and encouraging healthy lifestyles. Her tools and trainings can help others to reduce various health issues, from chronic diabetes to chronic hypertension, by pursuing healthier lifestyle choices.


She is also available to partner with community groups and organizations to set up a “fitness initiative” to helps to meet community and organizational goals for health and wellness. 



For more information:



Contact Information: 316 293-9403.


Facebook support group: Under Construction - We are Temple builders

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