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Black women in Wichita have a local advocate that they may not even be aware of yet.  Black Women Empowered in Wichita (BWEIW) is a small coalition of black women (there are only six members, currently), but they are doing some very BIG work for women in our community.  The organization’s stated mission is:  “To [help Black women] learn to love ourselves and let go of all emotional baggage which has hindered our progress to grow in every aspect of our lives.”  The organization serves young girls and women from age 14 through adulthood.


The organization was created in 2011. The organizers/members are women from different backgrounds who have come together to put on events and workshops for the complete healing of Black women in the City of Wichita, KS.  Says organizer Mary Dean, their work and efforts are based on the belief that “this is the time for Black women to seriously discuss the issues that impacts their lives on a daily basis; Issues such as sexual abuse, domestic violence and discrimination at work. Young girls are dealing with bullying at school, peer pressure, trying to fit in, and abuse at home. We want women and young girls to feel good about self. Our focus is on strengthening Black women and young Black girls to heal spiritually, mentally, and physically.”


How does the organization benefit the community? The organization seeks to match women and young girls who have gone through adverse situations in their lives and have healed spiritually, mentally, and physically, as role models and mentors to those currently dealing with these issues. They hope that their efforts will strengthen families and communities.


Plans for the organization: The organization hosts quarterly healing women-only “Sister Circles” and conferences in the community, and plans to continue these efforts. 


For more information on how you can support and/or get involved with BWEIW activities, contact:


Mary Dean (316) 371-2253-email:, Shirley Benton Kelley (316) 806-2968-email:, Vada Bowen (316) 841-0614-email:, B.K. Burkhalter (316) 768-9954-email: Dr. Rhonda K. Lewis, BWEIW advisor (316) 978-3695


You can also like them on Facebook: Black Women Empowered in Wichita Facebook page

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